Lighting Planning

Lighting planning is best done properly and in good time. Careful planning saves you from unnecessary expenses and a good planning ends up in a better result. Functioning and high quality lighting solutions are done in cooperation with planners, interior designers and entrepreneurs.

The challenge of lighting planning is to get the estetique, visual, decorating, economic and technical factors to meet. 

The old saying “good planning is work half done” is exactly what lighting planning is all about and by using this saying you will most likely save a bundle of money in the end.


The significance of lighting at home is immeasurable. The lighting has to support a wide range of needs: children playing, atmospheric evenigns, cleaning and many other activities. It's important to invest to home lighting carefully.

A good lighting designer is able to looks at the needs, to find solutions, and the appropriate lighting fixtures and accessories. While choosing lighting fixtures quality and style are more important criteria than price.


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