Laatuvalo is able to plan the lighting for business facilities, private and leisure homes. We also import architectual-, shop- and design light fixtures from various European countries. Laatuvalo can provide you with lighting that is suited for the company-, shop-, and chain corporate images.

Lighting planning

Lighting planning is best done properly and in good time. Careful planning saves you from unneccessary expenses and a good planning ends up in a better result.

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Light fixtures

Laatuvalo imports high quality light fixtures and components from different European countries. At Laatuvalo you can find light fixtures suitable for shops as well as for private homes. We can help you to find light fixtures and components for all kind of needs.

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Laatuvalo Ltd

Laatuvalo, founded 1994, is a Finnish company acting in the lighting market. We import and market: bulbs, light fixtures and lighting systems. We also do lighting planning and lighting concepts.

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